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The Aztecs did not use a leap year correction but they knew the length of a solar year is neither 365 nor 365.25 days. Presumably they kept some count of days to register astronomical events but no evidence of an Aztec Long Count exists.

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In the tonalpohualli, the sacred Aztec calendar, this day (Wednesday, August 20, 2014) is:




13-day period


solar year
Mazatl (deer)Cuauhtli (eagle)Tochtli (rabbit)
13 - Mazatl (deer)1 - Cuauhtli (eagle)2 - Tochtli (rabbit)


Lord of the Night


365-day calendar

Long Count:

(Mayan calendar)
Centeotl19 - Panquetzaliztli (XV)

(Correlation: Alfonso Caso - Nicholson's veintena alignment [adjust] )

The significance of this day

Day Mazatl (Deer) is governed by Tlaloc, God of Rain and Thunderstorms, as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. Mazatl is the day of the hunt. It is a good day to stalk your quarry, a bad day to be stalked. Mazatl is a day for breaking old routines and to pay close attention to the routines of others. This is a day for doubling-back on your tracks.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Cuauhtli (Eagle) is ruled by Xochiquetzal. This trecena signifies a time of inspired play: regardless of the sport, this is the time of mastery. All of one's practice and preparation culminates now in an unparalleled conjunction of luck, skill and timing. These are 13 days when gambling on happiness, both your own and others', pays off. These are good days for taking risks; bad days for playing it safe.

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